The anticoncept of The Anticoncept

the anticoncept is the title of a film that I finished
25 September 1951
projected on a weather balloon 11 February 1952 the
film was interdicted by the Censor and presented in
private at the Cannes Festival
in this film I oppose to a significant and definite idea
the indefinite of an idea significant for
the other
I write
It is finished the time of the poets today I sleep
that is to say
I do not answer for me
I pass the hand
that is to say
my work escapes me
I sleep to escape from work
much later we write on the walls
never work
I write
the anticoncept is the maximum utilization of
each of the internal elements that point
constitutes point formed the concept

that is to say
At the Wolman house the separation is not dated from yesterday
I write also
the anticoncept renders the subjective concept
the history liberates itself of the voice
the voice speaks without the constraint of the actions
the actions break themselves before accomplishment

that is to say
I do not want to say
I want to have to say
much later I write
the unsaying
that is to say
not to an enunciative proposition
that is to say
my remark is an anticoncept
forty years after the anticoncept

I write a tableau with words
not to enunciate the tableau and the refusal to be
I write
a tableau with the words
that is to say
a tableau in rupture of the cloth
imprinted the tableau effaces the beauty of the epic poem
the word is not the style
that is to say
it is the desire to provoke the undoing
and yield the representation to commerce
I edit the tableau
I sign the cloth
one will understand
I do not say any more
retracting at most

in a sense the word engrosses the concept in
the other it hides it

anticonceptual artist I place the words
the words displace the concept born by my

a propos of the anticoncept I write
it is not that negation does not affirm itself elsewhere
the negation of the concept, intrinsic,
immutable, a priori, projects this concept
outside of matter, the revele a posteriori has an
extrinsic reaction, devient muable par
so many reactions.

begun in 1951 this work of undermining the
concept pursues itself today with the
painting de-picted

the subject separates of the tableau
of a coast:
cloth white or gray:
signed dated:
check on the future
of the other:
anticonceptual subject of the painting
the word expresses a word outside of the subject
the word liberates itself of the a priori idea
the cloth liberates itself of the pigment that makes the subject
the subject liberates itself of
the cloth that makes the tableau
the subject is elsewhere: the painting is de-picted
for a de-picted painting:
a writing de-scribed:
the disorder of the word:
the word does not express an immediate concept:
it displays a writing de-scribed in my journal:
subject of the painting de-picted
to each day corresponds a cloth
the pigment free the cloth for the book of the words

(By [Gil Joseph] Wolman. Of the Anticoncept of the Anticoncept [Paris: Editions Inconnues, 1994]. Translated from the French April 1998 by NOT BORED!)

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