Champ Libre to Francois Cavanna[1]
30 November 1977

A reader of your newspaper tells us that you wrote in issue #367: “Bakunin Complete Works five volumes, only sent volume 5, they are stingy.” We believe that you, just like all the other newspapers, have received complimentary copies of all our publications. Since you now make it known that you’ve only received a part, we will correct this error. Henceforth you won’t receive any more. Editions Champ Libre.

[1] Telegram.

Text published in Charlie Hebdo, 8 December 1977

Just received your telegram. Taking note of your decision. You will remark in passing that I have never asked for anything. Have indeed only received Vol. 5 of “Bakunin.” Which furnished me an occasion to speak in a playful and impulsive way. At that point, I hadn’t believed you to be dumb. Have furthermore not understood what made you blow your top. Perhaps you yourself are being playful and impulsive, but in a fashion that is too subtle for me? Tell me or I must laugh. I am laughing. But if your telegram is truly a nasty thing, go fuck yourself. Tagtagada hur hur. Cavanna.

(Published in Editions Champ Libre, Correspondance, Vol. 1, Editions Champ Libre, Paris, 1978. Translated from the French and footnoted by NOT BORED! June 2012.)

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