from Guy Debord

To Floriana Lebovici
12 February 1985
Dear Floriana:

I received your bizarrely delayed letter and its copy at the same time; I return the latter to you (we do not blame Lorenzo [Lebovici]).

It is true that the ignoble press appears more horrible here[1] than in All About the Person,[2] because [in the latter] the material is ordered thematically and not in simple chronological order, which especially emphasizes its ineptitude. But as you have realized, I must not write another thing, strategically [speaking]. It is the enemy who has chosen the terrain: the excessive action and the excess of commentary that is adjoined to it. I have surely overturned this commentary, and this is a position that remains for us to acquire in battle.

You worry me a lot by evoking "strange things about Kessler"[3] because he is the man who is the best placed in the entire world to rip us off. And this is another important position in battle.

I do not understand the basis for your lawsuit against Le Figaro. But have you won other lawsuits? So many impudent infamies have been advanced everywhere! If Le Figaro is not among the worst, perhaps it would be better not to appeal. (The talents of Thierry [Levy] impress me more each day.)

As I have told you, I am agreed that Montaldo[4] rejoins us for a day here. General principles must be held as nothing when it is a question of avenging Gerard [Lebovici].

As for your idea about publicity,[5] I am in agreement, but not concerning Le Monde: Le Monde must disappear and for us it already has. Le Matin, yes. Perhaps Lire, or the Magazine Litteraire. Describe Gerard as the "founder" of Editions Champ Libre. It is no longer necessary to let [Gerard] Guegan pass through.

I embrace you. See you soon.

[1] In Considerations on the Assassination of Gerard Lebovici. [Translator's note: published in March 1985 by Editions Gerard Lebovici.]

[2] Translator's note: collection of letters and newspaper articles about Gerard Lebovici.

[3] Translator's note: Counselor on intellectual properties for Guy Debord's The Game of War. See letter dated 24 May 1976.

[4] Jean Montaldo, an investigative journalists who offered his services [to help solve the crime].

[5] On 5 March 1985, on the first anniversary of the assassination, an advertising insert presented all of the titles published since 1984 by Editions Gerard Lebovici.

(Published in Guy Debord Correspondance, Vol 5: Janvier 1979-Decembre 1987 by Librairie Artheme Fayard, 2006. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! May 2007. Footnotes by Alice Debord, except where noted.)

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