International Day Against Video Surveillance

Civil Rights Organization EFF Calls for a Demonstration on the Internet

The American civil rights organization Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), together with Notbored, is calling for a world-wide day of action on the Internet against the increasing threat to civil rights posed by video surveillance.

Total Surveillance

Video surveillance cameras are being installed in more and more cities. Whole city neighborhoods are being surveilled and scanned for suspects. The EFF Executive believes that, under the guise of decreasing crime, irreproachable citizens are being subjected to everyday control and total surveillance. The EFF's action will call attention to the danger this poses to the civil rights of social outsiders.

Information-network poetry planned

It is hoped that as many groups and individuals as possible will join the action and they have posted their information on the Internet. Though many citizens are under constant surveillance, few know it. With its day of action, the EFF hopes to create a network of information in which as many web sites as possible share pictures and reports.

[Written by Red (?) and published in the 6 September 2001 edition of Der Standard. Translated from the German by Bill Brown.]

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