The French Section
of the Situationist International

Francois de Beaulieu: resigned 1970
Michele Bernstein: resigned 1967
Patrick Cheval: resigned 1970
Alain Chevalier: excluded October 1969
Ivan Chtcheglov: member from afar
Guy Debord: dissolved the SI in 1972
Edith Frey: resigned January 1967
Theo Frey: excluded January 1967
Jean Garnault: excluded January 1967
Anton Hartstein: excluded July 1966
Herbert Holl: excluded January 1967
Mustapha Khayati: resigned September 1969
Ndjangani Lungela: resigned 1967
Rene Riesel: excluded 1971
Christian Sebastini: resigned December 1970
Rene Vienet: resigned February 1971

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