Jean-Yves Guiomar to Gérard Lebovici
Paris, 18 October 1974

I’m sending you, attached, a projected text that would appear on the back cover of the history books – a project finalized by Jacques Baynac and I.

We have made it short because we think that it is more important with this type of book that the text on the back cover, dedicated to each book, is developed enough. If there is indeed a link between all of the books, defined by the shared text, each subject is, nevertheless, autonomous with respect to the others.

In expectation of your opinion on the text,[1]
Jean-Yves Guiomar

HISTORY is political, the leaders say
HISTORY is scientific, the scholars say
HISTORY doesn’t exist, Capital says
HISTORY is us, the Party says

HISTORY is the successive forms of power and the counter-powers that are opposed to it
TO MAKE THE HISTORY of both is to disorder the past to subvert the present

[1] Lebovici never responded.

(Published in Editions Champ Libre, Correspondance, Vol. 1, Editions Champ Libre, Paris, 1978. Translated from the French and footnoted by NOT BORED! June 2012.)

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