World-wide Day of Action Against Video Surveillance

The surveillance of citizens by video cameras installed on public buildings, at roads and in workstations is constantly increasing. The American citizens' rights organization the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) wants to bring attention to the threat posed by these cameras to the rights of the individual by broadcasting local messages via Internet.

On Friday, in answer to a call put out by the EFF [sic], both individuals and organized groups will be participating in autonomous and decentralized creative actions in local places. In order to make good use of the communication lines of the Internet, these groups will when possible stage their actions directly in front of webcams installed in public places by private companies. In this way, business-as-usual for these companies will be somewhat disrupted. In addition, those who are interested in the subject will be able to view the messages, which are to take the form of sketches and short info-plays, performed live. German activists in cities such as Berlin and Bielefeld will at the same time make reports on local surveillance practices.

In accordance with the EFF's call, the participating organizations and individuals should interlace themselves together and as much as possible put up pictures taken from or, at the very least, make links to the webcams that will be used.

One can find a list of participating organizations here. To become involved, send an e-mail to

[Author unknown. Published in the 6 September 2001 edition of Heise, which also published a much longer version of this text elsewhere. Translated from the German by Bill Brown.]

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