Actors Against Digital Surveillance Cameras

Voyeurs are celebrating the proliferation of webcams, those digital cameras that currently broadcast live from a variety of places around the planet. But everyone isn't happy with them.

Different alternative theater groups have denounced webcams, which they believe are part of an international surveillance system.

Lead by [sic] the Praxis Group, the demonstrators appeared in front of cameras in seven different countries (principally Germany and the United States). They held up posters for the spectators as part of what they called an "International Day of Action Against Video Surveillance (7 September 2001)."

Although the performances were brief -- in most cases [sic] the performers were thrown out after a few minutes -- the anti-voyeur message was successfully registered on the network of networks.

[Written by ? and published on 8 September 2001 by Lanacion. Translated from the Spanish by an Internet robot and checked by a hooman being.]

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