from Jean-Francois Martos

To Guy Debord
22 January 1988
Dear Guy:

Along with Etienne and Sylvain, I was the object of a violence aggression in front of my door this past Monday (a first attack, at the beginning of the month, had failed); participating in it were Christian Sebastiani, Guy Bernelas and a third, unidentified nuisance.[1]

Announced by the letter from Mezioud [Ouldamer], this, it seems clear, constitutes the response from the EdN[2]: I do not believe it is useful to expect another one.

In the same way that it is also clear that this milieu no longer entertains any connection with the truth, but only defends its particular interests, and in the dirtiest fashion.

I propose that we get together quickly to look into the situation.

Best wishes to you both,

[1] A person connected with the Encyclopedia of Nuisances.

[2] The response of Encyclopedia of Nuisances to the pamphlet entitled The Encyclopedia of Powers, written by Jean-Pierre Martos and Jean-Francois Martos, and published in December 1987.

(Published in Jean-Francois Martos, Correspondance avec Guy Debord, Le fin mot de l'Histoire, August 1998. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! July 2007. Footnotes by the translator.)

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