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Several groups in Europe and the United States have called for an international day of action against video surveillance this Friday.

7 September 2001 has been proclaimed an international day of action against video surveillance by several groups in Germany, Colombia, England, France, the USA, Lithuania, Turkey and Italy. The participants, who also include London's Privacy International, have come together to denounce "the constant, indiscriminate and technically sophisticated video surveillance of public places by private companies and the police." The participants have also declared themselves in favor of the right to privacy, "one of the fundamental human rights."

During the day, the militants will place themselves in front of webcams located in their respective countries. In France, the collective Souriez vous etes filmes ["Smile, You Are Being Filmed"], which is renowned for denouncing the TV station M6 for broadcasting [the reality show] Loft Story, has proposed a demonstration "with sheep masks" at 11:30 am in front of the Gallery of Evolution at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris.

[Written by N.O. (?) and published in the 7 September 2001 edition of La Nouvel Observateur. Translated from the French by Bill Brown.]

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