Resistance to Christianity

A Chronological Encyclopedia of the Heresies
from the Beginning to the Eighteenth Century

by Raoul Vaneigem


Table of Contents

Translator's Introduction
Author's Foreword
Chapter 1: A Nation Sacrificed to History
Chapter 2: Diaspora and Anti-Semitism
Chapter 3: The Judean Sects
Chapter 4: The Men of the Community, or the Essenes
Chapter 5: The Baptist Movement of the Samaritan Messiah, Dusis/Dositheos
Chapter 6: Simon of Samaria and Gnostic Radicalism
Chapter 7: The Phallic and Symbiotic Cults
Chapter 8: Three Esseno-Christian Christs: Seth, Melchizedek and Joshua/Jesus
Chapter 9: The Messianic Sects of Joshua/Jesus: Nazarenes, Ebionites, Elchasaites
Chapter 10: Quarrels of Prophets and Apostles: Jochanaan, Theudas/Judas/Thomas, Jacob/James, Simon-Peter, Barnabas, Saul/Paul
Chapter 11: Marcion and the Hellenization of Christianity
Chapter 12: The Inventors of a Christian Theology: Basilde, Valentinus, Ptolemy
Chapter 13: Marcos and the Hellenization of Jewish Hermeticism
Chapter 14: Carpocrates, Epiphanius and the Tradition of Simon of Samaria
Chapter 15: The New Prophecy and the Development of Popular Christianity
Chapter 16: Tatian and the Fabrication of the New Testament
Chapter 17: Three Local Christianities: Edessa and Bardaisan, Alexandria and Origen, Antioch and Paul of Samosata
Chapter 18: Novatian, the Apostate Clergy and the Anti-Montanist Reaction
Chapter 19: Arianism and the Church of Rome
Chapter 20: Donatus and the Circumcellions
Chapter 21: The Spirituals, also called Messalians or Euchites
Chapter 22: Monophysites and Dyophysites
Chapter 23: Pelagius and Augustine, or the Conception of Free Will and Pre-destination
Chapter 24: Priscillian of Avila
Chapter 25: Paulicians and Bogomils
Chapter 26: Christs and Reformers: Popular Resistance to the Institutional Church
Chapter 27: The Communalist Prophets
Chapter 28: Philosophy Against the Church
Chapter 29: The Cathars
Chapter 30: The Waldensians and the Adepts of Voluntary Poverty
Chapter 31: The Movement of the Free-Spirit
Chapter 32: Beghards and Beguines
Chapter 33: The Millenarians
Chapter 34: The Flagellants
Chapter 35: The Fraticelles
Chapter 36: The Reformers of the East: Hussites and Taborites
Chapter 37: The Men of Intelligence and the Pikarti of Bohemia
Chapter 38: The Victory of the Reformers and the Birth of the Protestant Churches
Chapter 39: The Dissidents of Lutheranism and Calvinism
Chapter 40: The Alumbrados of Spain
Chapter 41: The Spiritual Libertines
Chapter 42: The Anabaptists
Chapter 43: The Individualist Messiahs: David Joris, Nicolas Frey, Henry Niclaes
Chapter 44: Ironists and Skeptics
Chapter 45: Levelers, Diggers and Ranters
Chapter 46: The Jansenists
Chapter 47: Pietists, Visionaries and Quietists
Chapter 48: The End of the Divine Right
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(Published by Editions Artheme Fayard in 1993. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! June 2013.)

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