Keith Sanborn responds

to NOT BORED!'s article
concerning the screening of Society of the Spectacle in Buffalo, New York in February 1996

Posted by Keith Sanborn on October 03, 1996 at 02:10:06 AM EDT

So sorry to have bruised your pathetic little ego, Herr Doktor Professor Brown. But really why do persist in making your persecution manias into public wanking sessions? But then you're an expert at public wanking. Just to set the record straight about the video translation I have been selling.

Since you obviously have no idea what it costs to put 1200 2-line subtitles on a video tape, let me just put it this way: at $30, I'm selling the tape at a loss for the production costs alone.

Next time you do a public wank on my account, please at least take the time to inform yourself about a few of the facts. But then you're not really that good at distinguishing facts from fantasy as your post makes obvious. You must have spent a lot of time on that magnum opus of stupidity and disinformation.

And by the way, how's your ambulance chaser father who supports your webwank?

love and kisses,

Keith Sanborn

[Editor's note: our response to this was quick, short and simple.]



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