The Social War in Portugal

Publication History

Jaime Semprun’s La sociale guerre au Portugal was originally published by Éditions Champ Libre on 16 May 1975, a mere three weeks after the manuscript was completed. It was composed of a brief introduction and two main parts: the first covers the period from 25 April 1974 to 28 September 1974; the second the period from 28 September 1974 to 11 March 1975. A pamphlet rather than a book, it was not intended to be an in-depth analysis or history of the events in question, but an attempt to break the blockade on information in France about the revolution-in-progress. It appears that there was never a second edition, nor a reprint by another press. This is the first time that La sociale guerre au Portugal has been translated into English.

7 February 2013

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