Today, 9 November 1961, the Public Ministry of Munich had the revolting audacity to order the seizure of the complete edition of the six issues of the artistic journal "Spur."

For the first time since 1945, searches of artists have been made. One tries to intimidate the SPURISTS by the crudest maneouvres. By this cynical police provocation, one can threaten us with prohibitions from publishing, trials and even imprisonment. It is necessary that the completely senile agents of the religious institutions and the dominant class have denounced us.

We appeal for solidarity with us from all artists and intellectuals, thus, from all those who fight for their works and are attached to freedom of action. Together, we can break the current coercive tutelage that such incompetent institutions as the bureaucracy, the police, the Church and Justice exercise upon freedom of expression.

People responsible [for this tract]:
Sturm, Fischer, Zimmer, Kunzelmann, Prem

In solidarity:
Lausen, Kotanyi, Debord, Jorn, Nash, Martin, Larsson, J. de Jong, Vaneigem, Lindquist, Elde, Trocchi, Straram, Ovadia, Bernstein, Eisch, Stadler, Strack, Laber, Senfft-Hohburg, Engelhard, Hesterberg, Reichert, Grieshaber, Rainer, Feuerstein, Doehl, Pzillas, Roehl, Platschek, Dohmen,

(Published as a tract. Alluded to in Internationale Situationniste #7 [April 1962], p. 51. Translated by NOT BORED! June 2005 from the French version published in Archives Situationnistes: Volume 1: Documents traduits 1958-1970.)

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