NOT BORED! #42 (July 2013)

I may be gray, but I function like a tree
That blossoms before its fruit can properly
Be picked – and a tree that’s blossoming is not dead.
I feel myself gone gray just on my head.
My heart, and all my limbs, remain as green
As laurel bushes, which never lose their sheen.

Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

I am pleased to announce the publication of NOT BORED! #42 (July 2013), the first issue to come out since November 2009. Note as well that the first issue of NOT BORED! was published 30 years ago next month: in July 1983.

This issue is divided into four sections. The Editorial Notes explain and reiterate my long-standing attachment to situationist ideas; provide information about the NOT BORED! Anthology, which was published in February 2011; describe my work as a translator of radical texts; and discuss my exchanges with Gianfranco Sanguinetti. The note on Collective Projects describes my contributions to the collective projects that published a wall poster by Isidore Isou, brought out translations of books by Cornelius Castoriadis, and organized a letter-writing campaign that sent letters in Russian directly to the two imprisoned members of Pussy Riot. The Polemics section relates the polemics I’ve had with Wayne Spencer, Rachel Kushner, Marc Lenot, McKenzie Wark, and Ryan Rogers. And the Essays section includes my articles about works published by Kushner, Wark, Guy Debord, John McHale, and Gianfranco Sanguinetti.

This new issue, which is 82-pages-long, can be downloaded as a pdf from the following URL:

If you would like a perfect-bound printed copy, please send $10 (check or money order payable to “Bill Brown”) to POB 140041, Brooklyn NY 11214, USA.

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