Additional action for the constitution of a Lettrist International

At the beginning of June, at the Dancing Bagatelle, the "Paul Valery International Circle of Aesthetic Investigations" presented a contradictory performance, at the heart of which [Isidore] Isou offered his defense. The Lettrist International refused to be involved in this debate and read the following declaration, while a picket line blocked the entrance to the auditorium of this Herve Bazin[1] of the avant-garde.

We refuse the discussion that is proposed to us. Human relations must be based upon passion, if not Terror.

By deliberately placing himself on the terrain of the police, Isidore Isou rendered all dialogue impossible.

We have recognized the value of his critique of the arts, but suspect his mystical-gyratory[2] motives.

The surpassed problems that stir this sub-Kafka of the urinals into action will not divert us from our goal: a definitive overturning of the Aesthetic and, beyond the Asethetic, all behaviors.

For the Lettrist International

[1] Pseudonym of Jean-Pierre Herve Bazin, Herve Bazin was a writer who turned his tormented childhood into material for his poems and novels. Politically, he was close to the French Communist Party.

[2] There is no satisfactory word in English for giratoire, which relates to the management of traffic patterns.

(Published in Internationale lettriste #3, August 1953. Translated from the French and footnoted by NOT BORED!)

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