Aubervilliers Conference

1. Adoption of the principle of the majority. Should it be impossible to obtain a majority, debate to be resumed on a new basis susceptible of producing a majority. Principle of the use of names by the majority.

2. Appropriation of the critique of the arts and certain of its contributions. It is in the transcendence of the arts that everything has yet to be done.

3. Members of the Letterist [sic] International prohibited from defending a regressive morality; precise criteria to be worked out. In settlement of all acounts.

4. Extreme prudence in the presentation of personal works for which the LI might seem to be responsible.

-- Ipso facto exclusion for any act of collaboration with Isouist activities, even in defense of the LI.

-- Exclusion of anyone publishing a commercial work under their own name.

Aubervilliers, 7 December 1952
Brau, Debord, Berna, Wolman

(Never published by the Lettrist International. Translated by Donald-Nicholson Smith and published in Jean-Michel Mension, The Tribe [San Francisco: City Lights, 2001].)

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