The "Breton Network" and the Hunt for Reds

[Andre] Breton and his poor friends have responded to our publication of 7 October [1954] by revealing the "Moscowite obedience" of the Lettrist International. This is at least what we learn from an echo published in le Figaro Litteraire on 22 October, because the same people who were too cowardly to show up at Charleville have been too cowardly to communicate to us a tract [by the Surrealists] that attacks us.

Putting aside the feeling of disgust inspired by the six individuals (named Bedouin, Goldfayn, Hantai, Legrand, Schuster [and] Toyen) who, being present at the [communal] discussion of 3 October, know our actual position, we can only laugh at their senile anger. And at their prudence.

Concerning our possible adherence to some kind of N.K.V.D. [the People's Commissariat Internal Affairs in the USSR], we consider all denials made to bourgeois inquisitors such as Andre Breton and Joseph McCarthy to be dishonorable. For the rest, it is true that in the circumstances that force such a choice, we naturally find ourselves at the side of the "Moscowites" against their masters and the bosses of their masters.

The Lettrist International

(Published in Potlatch #13, 23 October 1954. Translated by NOT BORED!)

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