from Guy Debord

To Jonathan Horelick
6 January [19]70
Dear Jon,

I’m sending you a letter for you from Italy.

Bob and Bruce[1] knew well that they would be excluded: they sent us a letter saying that they “resign” because of the totalitarianism of the French section.

We have also received a letter from Tony,[2] who is in England. It demands the exclusion of Bob and Bruce (it has been done), but he also demands the dissolution of the American section.

Naturally we all remain on the basis of our agreement with you: to pursue the activity of the American section by reconstituting it on a more solid basis.

But perhaps Tony’s position renders impossible the idea that he is the delegate of this section in Luxembourg.[3] In such case, you could write a precise mandate, which you could send to either Claudio or Martin.[4]

The French delegate will only be designated tomorrow; I do not know if this will be someone who speaks English.

Tony has fucked up even more seriously: while in England he has made contact (and has begun certain collaborations) with individuals who are our enemies, people with whom the SI has broken months ago. I do not know if this is a question of ignorance – truly regrettable – or a total lack of awareness.

I do not even know if it would be possible to ask him to retract himself, or if we will be obligated to completely disavow Tony.

Send all communications to the French section in care of Riesel.[5]

Best wishes to Jane[6] and you.

[1] Translator: Robert Chasse and Bruce Elwell, former members of the American section of the Situationist International.

[2] Translator: Tony Verlaan, a member of the American section of the SI.

[3] Translator: the location of the next meeting of delegates from the SI.

[4] Translator: Claudio Pavan, a member of the Italian section, and J. V. Martin, a member of the Scandinavian section.

[5] Translator: René Riesel, then acting as the editor of the Internationale Situationniste.

[6] Companion of Jonathan Horelick.

(Published in Guy Debord Correspondance, Vol "4": Janvier 1969 - december 1972 by Librairie Artheme Fayard, 2004. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! March 2012. Footnotes by the publisher, except where noted.)

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