Dimensions of language

The recital continues in all of its meanings. After the first rough sketches of metagraphic writing, an unlimited expression offered itself to us, quite beyond the verbal explosion that James Joyce detonated.

Written with photos and fragments of newspapers affixed to bottles of rum, the three-dimensional novel by G.-E. Debord, History of Gestures, leaves the sequence of ideas to the will of the reader, the lost son in a labyrinthe of simultaneous anecdotes.

Spatial News by Bull-D. Brau finds the component of the vectors of conceptual dynamics. The cinematic letters prefigure the ontological character of the reversibility of the concept: "It is a question of discerning the qualitative letters that are the body of the concept, beyond their accidental order of assemblage" (Brau).

Gaetan M. Langlais juxtaposes different paragraphs from Jolie Cousette, which advances towards what is, without doubt, the most decisive result for the future of communication: the diversion [detournement] of phrases.

(Unsigned. Published in Internationale lettriste #3, August 1953. Translated from the French by NOT BORED!)

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