Hands Off the Letterists

Subsequent to who knows what acts of provocation, Pierre-Joel Berle has just been arrested.

He is charged with illegally entering the Catacombs with intent to steal lead.

We refuse to take this accusation seriously.

Being determined to defend freedom of expression in France, we demand that P.-J. Berle be released forthwith and all charges against him dropped. We nevertheless support any and all acts of our comrade.

There is no such thing as an innocent Letterist [sic].

For the Letterist [sic] International:
Bull Dog Brau
Hadj Mohamed Dahou
Guy-Ernest Debord
Gaetan M. Langlais
Rene Leibe
Jean-Michel Mension
Gil J Wolman

(Issued as a tract in the summer of 1953; reprinted in Potlatch #25, 26 January 1956. Translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith, in Jean-Michel Mension, The Tribe [San Francisco: City Lights, 2001]).

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