Kicked Out

Since November 1952, the Letterist [sic] International has been proceeding with the elimination of the "Old Guard." A few of the excluded, with reasons:

Isidore Goldstein, alias Jean-Isidore Isou: morally retrograde individual with limited ambitions.

Moise Bismuth, alias Maurice Lemaitre: delayed infantilism, dementia praecox, plays the saint.

Pomerans, alias Gabriel Pomerand: fabricator, nullity.

Serge Berna: lack of intellectual rigor.

[Jean-Michel] Mension: merely decorative.

Jean-Louis Brau: militarist deviation.

[Gaetan M.] Langlais: stupidity.

Yvan Chtchegloff, alias Gilles Ivain: mythomania, delusions of interpetation, lack of revolutionary consciousness.

It is useless to revisit the dead. The automatic door closer will take care of them.

(Written by Gil J Wolman and published in Potlatch #2, 29 June 1954. Translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith and reprinted in Jean-Michel Mension, The Tribe [San Francisco: City Lights, 2001]. Note by NOT BORED!: the title of this text, A la porte, might also be rendered as "to the door," as in "shown to or kicked out of the door.")

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