Open letter to Jean-Isidore Isou

Brussels, 3 November 1952.

Our demonstration has only been confused by your ridiculously pragmatic attitude.

Allied to you, as you say, on the basis of new principles of knowledge, I deplore the pettiness and the cowardly puerility that characterize you.

The nullity of your social personality was compensated for by your works, but your discreet route towards an initiate's mysticism and the profound imbecility of certain of your disciplines have a nauseating odor that sickens me.

If you still carry within yourself a message, I will hear it. Because your presence isn't necessary. . . .

Thus please remove me from the list of your friends.

Select feelings,

P.S. In your letter to Combat, you say that you were "opposed to our act from the beginning." What then was the meaning of your verbal congratulations, made scarcely an hour after the launching of the tracts?

(Published in Internationale Lettriste #1, December 1952. Translated from the French by NOT BORED!)

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