Letters to the Heretics:
Correspondence with the Leaders of the New Italian Left

By Enrico Berlinguer (Pier Franco Ghisleni)

Notice to the French Reader (1987)

Introduction by Giulio Einaudi (1977)

Preface by Enrico Berlinguer (1977)

Letter I: to Marco Panella, in which one sketches out a reform of the social spectacle, criticizes the traditional recourse to bloody methods, and argues that working-class resentment is more useful than harmful to governments.

Letter II: to Goffredo Fofi, in which the author wonders if passion is compatible with the planning of economic development, gives a negative response, and invites cultural agents to represent life in all of its manifestations.

Letter III: to Adele Faccio, in which the author explains why feminism must be positive and abstract, and desires that the extinction of lovers, as one says, is done with remorse.

Letter IV: to Angelo Pezzana, in which the author rambles on about the beauty of the body and formulates the question: where have the pieces of ass gone?

Letter V: to a partisan of armed struggle, in which the author, displaying little-known juridical knowledge, demonstrates that the law must be instilled in the people.

Letter VI: to Andrea Valcarenghi, in which one finally sees the figure of the drug addict exposed to the laughingstock.

Letter VII: to Antonio Negri, in which the letter-sender tasks the revolutionaries with an important mission.

Letter VIII: to the Metropolitan Indians, in which one hopes for the degradation of the environment, but on the condition that it is done in planned way.

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