Communique concerning this morning's arrest.

This morning at 6:30 am,[1] the Anti-Terrorist Police (SDAT) allowed themselves to undertake a new arrest among those "close" to the indicted. Judge Fragnoli almost brought us to tears last week when he boasted in the pages of Liberation that he would proceed in this case with all the "humanity" of which he is capable. This morning he again once showed the finesse that we have come to recognize in him: 15 wise-asses from the SDAT to break down the door and aim their weapons at two children, 4 and 6 years old, in their beds. All that just to question someone who had already been arrested on 11 November 2008, based upon the most fantastic elements of the case, which they have had in their possession from the very first day.

Obviously we understand what is at work here. While the two central elements in their accusations, namely the fabrications concerning Julien and Yildune and the witness "X," have largely been sewpt away by recent revelations, the sad clowns continue their flight ahead, using pretexts that are always more laughable to create a diversion. One notes that it was in fact Judge Fragnoli himself who declared to the journalists that he would not make a reconstruction of the so-called night of sabotage. Thus, he definitively seems to what to cover up what each day a little more seems to have been fakes created by the SDAT. We wish him good luck; he'll need it.

In this pathetic attempt at diversion we once more see what anti-terrorism permits and permits itself. As when, during the last two waves of arrests, friends of the indicted were arrested in broad daylight on the street and forced to submit to 96 hours of observation and this pressure and humiliation. This democracy maintains itself any way it can.

We interpret this new attempt at intimidation as the only response that Mr Ragnoli could find to the collapse of his case. We bet that the weeks to come will permit us to definitively have done with this farce, and his career.

Soutiens aux inculpes du 11 November
24 November 2009

[1] Translator's note: The day before several lawyers for the suspects and various Left legislators were to speak in front of the National Assembly. In a communique, they protested against the use of anti-terrorist laws that have been "diverted against political activists."

(Translated by NOT BORED! 24 November 2009.)

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