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Re: "Ministry of 'Truth Ten Years Too Late'" (6/1): Thank you for mentioning the existence of our surveillance camera walking tours in The News Hole, despite the fact that you failed to indicate our current schedule.

Unlike you, we are not sanguine about the prospect of the NYPD adding 400 more surveillance cameras (a 500 percent increase), nor do we believe that privacy was lost "a long time ago." We are alarmed that the NYPD would add more cameras when they have failed time and time again to prevent or even record evidence of criminal activity (the recent and still-unsolved bombing of the British Consulate, for example), and we are committed to reclaiming whatever privacy rights we have lost.

The Surveillance Camera Players, Manhattan

(Written in response to an item published in the 1 June 2005 of The New York Press and printed in the June 8-14 2005 issue.)

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