Privacy Policy

What follows applies to the entire NOT BORED! Web site at and not just to the subpage maintained by the Surveillance Camera Players at

We do not collect any information -- such as "screen" or "on-line" names, real names, ground or e-mail addresses, or telephone numbers -- that would allow us to identify the people who visit and access our Web site. We figure that, if you wanted for us to know who you are, you'd send us an e-mail and tell us.

However, we do use software programs that, every three days, create very useful statistics about "hits" to our site. These programs record and display information such as the following: the times and dates at which the site is accessed; the countries from which the visitors are coming; the bandwidth required to serve these requests; the pages of the site that are being accessed most often; the service providers that people are using to access our site; the Web sites that have set up a link to our site; the robots and search engines that are visiting our site; the Web browsers that are being used most often; and problems with links or other failed requests.

We use this information to fix broken links, to see if "people" are having an easy time finding our site and if they are clicking around in it before leaving; to see if they come back or not; to keep abreast of new reviews of our site, to measure the appeal of translations of texts into other languages, etc. etc.

None of the information we collect will ever be shared with anyone else, except in two rare instances: first, if the information in question is obviously "news-worthy," that is, of clear and strong interest to both the readers of NOT BORED! and the general public; and, second, if we are the victims of malicious hacking, denial-of-service attacks or other criminal activities. If our human eyes detect news-worthy information, it will be posted to an appropriate place on our site. If our software programs detect unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, cause damage, or deny service, we will use the information collected to assist in efforts to identify the perpetrator(s). In neither case will the information collected be made available to a private entity or for commercial reasons.

We make no other attempts to identify individual users or their usage habits. We do not install "cookies" on the hard drives of people who visit this site, and, since we do not accept any advertising whatsoever, we do not allow third-parties to do so, either.

Our site contains links to other sites, none of which are operated by NOT BORED! We make no representations about the privacy practices of these third-party sites.

9 July 2000.

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