Radio Interviews/Audio Reports

--Recorded interview with Rick Karr, Anthem National Public Radio 10 April 1999 (*)
--Live telephone interview, Triple J Radio, Sydney, Australia, July 1999
--Live telephone interview, KSCO-AM, Santa Cruz, California, August 1999
--Live telephone interview, WORT-FM, Madison, Wisconsin, October 1999
--Live telephone interview, CyberRadioTV, Santa Monica, California, October 1999
--Live telephone interview with Mike Rogers, Associated Press Radio Network, April 2000
--Live telephone interview, WKAB-AM, Boulder, CO, 17 July 2000
--Live telephone interview, CKUT 90.3 FM, Montreal, 5 February 2001
--Recorded interview with Stanley Mieses, WNYC 93.5 FM, New York City 16 March 2001
--Recorded interview with John Montone, WINS 1010 AM, New York City, 12 April 2001
--Recorded interview with Gary Baumgarten, CNN Radio, 10 May 2001
--Live telephone interview, Morning Press Show, ZIP Radio, 77.8 FM, Nagoya, Japan, 4 June 2001 (*)
--Live in-the-studio interview with Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! WBAI-FM, 19 June 2001 (*)
--Live telephone interview with Eileen Bryne, WLS Radio 890 AM, Chicago, 3 July 2001
--Recorded interview with Bob Garfield, All Things Considered, National Public Radio, 25 July 2001 (*)
--Live telephone interview, The Evening News, KPFA-FM, Berkeley, 3 September 2001
--Recorded telephone interview, CNET Radio, 910 AM, San Francisco, 7 September 2001
--Live telephone interview with Brady Goodman, Big 12 Radio, Nebraska, 25 September 2001
--Recorded interview with Gertie Schoen, Neonlicht, Germany, 24 November 2001
--Live telephone interview with Rick Roberts, KMFB AM 760, San Diego, 7 December 2001
--Recorded interview with A-Infos Radio Project, Radio 4 All, 26 December 2001
--Recorded telephone interview with Andrea Sears, The Evening News, WBAI-FM, New York, 28 December 2001
--Recorded interview with Jad Abumrad, Morning Show, National Public Radio Network, 25 February 2002
--Recorded interview with Alan Antliff, "Art, Anarchy and Activism," CBC Radio, 26 June 2002 (*)
--Recorded interview with Kim Ferdinando, WFUV-FM, Fordham University, NYC, 6 August 2002 (*)
--Live presentation, Barcelona, Spain Radio Red 4 October 2002 (**)
--Recording of walking tour, interview with Sashka Koloff, Triple J, Australia 21 October 2002 (**)
--Recorded interview with Dave Arlington, "Coast to Coast," The Voice of America Radio Network, 11 December 2002
--Recording of walking tour, interview with Geoff Brady, Free Speech Radio News 3 February 2003 (**)
--Recording of walking tour, performance and interview, assembled by Sashka Koloff, Radio National 15 Feb 2003
--Recording of walking tour, interview with Douglas Heingartner, "Wired News," CBS News Radio, 1 Sept 2003
--Recording of walking tour and interview with Katja Schelsinger, German Public Radio 16 Sept 2003
--Live telephone interview, "Radio City" (BBC, El Universo), Ecuador, 30 September 2003
--Recorded interview with Jessica Whyte, CKDU 97.5 FM, 7 August 2004
--Recorded interview with Jesse Chanin, "Late City News," WKCR 91.1 FM, New York City, 23 May 2005
--Recorded interview with Derick Vollrath, "Feature," WNYU 89.1 FM, New York City, 2 June 2005
--Live telephone interview, Law and Disorder, WBAI 99.5 FM, New York City, 25 July 2005
--Recorded interview, Law and Disorder, WBAI 99.5 FM, New York City, 1 August 2005(**)
--Recording of walking tour, David Cruz, WBGO radio, Jazz 88 in Newark, NJ, 19 August 2005
--Live telephone interview, Joe Broadhurst, Friday Morning After, CKUT 90.3 FM, Montreal, 30 December 2005 (**)
--Recorded interview, Law and Disorder, WBAI 99.5 FM, New York City, 24 April 2006(**)
--Recorded interview with Stephanie Domet, "Mainstreet," CBC Radio One, Nova Scotia, 14 November 2006
--Live telephone interview, Christopher Lydon, National Public Radio: Radio Open Source, 27 February 2007(**)
--Recorded interview, Ann Thompson, "All Things Considered," NPR, 20 April 2007(**)
--Recorded interview, Scott Horton, "Anti-War Radio," 17 July 2007(**)
--Live telephone interview, Jane Williams, "RedEye Radio," 17 November 2007(**)
--Recorded interview, Jennifer Parisi, "The A-Infos Radio Project," 6 April 2008(**)
--Recorded interview, Geoff Brady, "Other News," WBAI-FM, 10 May 2010(**)

(*) To obtain copies on audio cassette (if available), please contact the SCP. Unfortunately, audio recordings of the SCP's appearances on radio are very hard to come by. In most cases, the broadcast originates from a station outside of or not picked up in the New York City area, which means that the members of the New York SCP can't listen to and tape it for themselves. In some cases, the interviewer or the show's producers have promised to send the SCP a copy of the broadcast, but never get around to it. In other cases, no one at the radio station tapes the broadcast, and so no one gets a copy of it afterwards. And so we have listed SCP radio appearances on this, a separate page.

(**) To listen, just click link(s) for ReadAudio download.

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