Advisory relating to the appeal to patrons to facilitate the State's acquisition of a national treasure in the framework of Article 238 bis 0 A of the General Tax Code

Item NOR: MCCF1003022V

The Minister for Culture and Communications informs the firms subject to the tax on companies according to their real profits that they might benefit from a reduction of taxes on companies spelled out in Article 238 bis 0 A of the General Tax Code equal to 90% of the payments that they might make by participating in the acquisition by the State, on behalf of the National Library of France, of the personal archives of Guy Debord (1931-1994), which consists in a collection of publications and manuscripts written between 1950 and 1994.

Possessing a great importance for the history of ideas in the second half of the 20th Century, the personal archives of Guy Debord, a French essayist and filmmaker and founder of the Situationist International, contain the entirety of the preparatory and definitive versions of the works of the author, notably The Society of the Spectacle (1967). Organized and selected by the intellectual himself, these works illustrate the complete creative process of Guy Debord's thinking and allow us to know the genesis of the works of one of the most important contemporary French thinkers.

The present appeal for patronage seeks 1,080,000 euros.

Offers to pay, established according to the model provided by the bulletin of the General Tax Office 4-C-6-02 dated 24 October 2002, must be addressed to the museum services of the General Heritage Office, 6 rue des Pyramides, 75041 Paris Cedex 01, at which the files relating to national treasures can be consulted by firms that are interested.

(Published in the Journal Officiel on 4 February 2010. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! on 9 February 2010.)

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