The Secret is to Tell All!

Preliminary Points

I must first of all thank Professor Lapo Meneghetti for having the patience to correct my manuscript, which was written haphazardly, for having respected its spirit, and for having been happy to translate it into good Italian. In fact, the reader can appreciate in this book a prose style that certainly isn’t mine.

I have decided to publish it following a violent quarrel with a cunt of an attorney (supported by three even more cuntish union members) who immediately advised me to not divulge the systems that have allowed me to increase my revenues at the expense of the bosses.

In any case, my thefts have not attempted to define a “line of political conduct,” nor do I claim to be a “militant.” But I have absolutely no shame about my existence and I estimate that there is much more criminality in the foundation of a stock company than is related in these pages. At least they have the merit of being true. It is the prudent cowards, who are always ready to whisper appeals to stay silent, and the muddled minds who get bogged down in the details, murmuring that the secret is to say nothing, whom I want to attack. It hardly matters if the game stops here for me: a rebellious spirit will always find a kindred one.

My dear readers, the secret is to tell all!

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