Jean-Claude Zylberstein to Champ Libre
22 March 1979

I have learned with interest that the volumes in the “Chute Libre” collection[1] have been licensed for paperback editions to be published by Editions Jean-Claude Lattes.

I hope that my share of the rights in this supplementary exploitation will figure in the next bank statement that you will send me for the fiscal year 1978.

Sincerely yours,
Jean-Claude Zylberstein

[1] Devoted to Science Fiction, directed by Jean-Claude Zylberstein, and active between 1974 and 1978.

Champ Libre to Jean-Claude Zylberstein
23 March 1979

You’ve been paid for the work you previously did for Champ Libre.

You will get nothing more.

Gérard Lebovici

(Published in Editions Champ Libre, Correspondance, Vol. 2, Editions Champ Libre, Paris, 1981. Translated from the French and footnoted by NOT BORED! August 2012.)

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