The General Line

By Michele Bernstein, Mohammed Dahou, Vera, Gil J Wolman

Potlatch #14 30 November 1954

The Lettrist International intends to establish an exciting way of life. We experiment with behavior, decoration, architecture, urbanism and communication meant to create attractive situations.

This is the subject of an interminable dispute between ourselves and many others, who are, in the end, of no importance, because we are very familiar with how they work and with their decrepitude.

Our role as intellectual opposition is an inevitable product of historical conditions. We have only to take more or less lucid advantage of it and to be aware of the accompanying obligations and limitations at the present time.

In the final stages of their development, the collective structures that we approve of will only be feasible after the disappearance of bourgeois society with its distribution of products and its moral values.

We will contribute to the demise of this bourgeois society through criticism and the total subversion of its concept of pleasure, as well as by providing useful maxims for the revolutionary actions of the masses.



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