There are three large murals depicting Lady Die, the Dead Princess of Wales, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Two are on Houston Street between 2d Ave and Ave B, and one is on Ave A at 14th Street. Since the creation of these murals over a year ago, we have tried to deface them and keep them defaced. One of them has proved impervious to our attacks; the two other seemed to be permanently defaced.

Within the last few weeks (the first anniversary of Diana's death), one of the murals -- the one on Ave A and 14th Street, the one that shows both Die and Mother Teresa -- has been rehabilitated. On 23 September 1998, we defaced this mural again, in the same way as before, but this time appended a statement to the mural itself. The statement reads:

We continue to deface this ridiculous mural because it presumes to make a 'saint' of Lady Diana, the Dead Princess of Wales -- to elevate her to the holy heights presumably attained by that Reaganite whore, Mother Teresa.
All 'saints' are odious. For one ordinary mortal to become a saint, countless numbers of others must become 'sinners.' A vampiric arithmetic.
There are no sinners, because THERE IS NO GOD.
There are no saints, except in the minds of those unfortunate people who need to believe in them.
Diana Spencer never set foot in and has no relevance to the Lower East Side. Like Chico's despicable murals for Coca-Cola, this image of Lady Die is sanctimonious, self-serving and irrelevant.
We encourage you to join us in the on-going effort to deface it.
23 September 1998. The New York Psychogeographical Association.



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