MetroCard Potlatch

in the land of the free?

$17 for a MetroCard that can be used as many times as you want over one seven-day-long period?!

That's a great deal, especially if you live in New York City, as we do. Most people who live in the City use the subway at least twice a day to get around. Do the math, assuming two rides per day (from home to work and from work to home): if you buy and use a $17 unlimited-use MetroCard, each of these rides will cost you only $1.21 (instead of $1.50). And if you use a $17 MetroCard three times a day (from home to work, from work to, say, a friend's house, and from the friend's house to home), each ride will cost you only 80 cents!

80 cents a ride is pretty damn cheap! It's almost a 50 percent discount!

So we say: buy and use those $17 unlimited-use MetroCards, folks!!!

But don't be selfish, closed-minded or unimaginative. Make the most of these new cards.

These new MetroCards allow you to reduce the cost of each ride you personally go on (from $1.50 to as low as 80 cents), and they also allow you to give away an unlimited amount of free rides to people who could really use them: poor workers, the unemployed, the disabled, mothers with children, the homeless, and even rich people who need to be shown -- by example -- what their money could be used for, if it wasn't clenched tightly in their greedy fists.

It's simple. Every time you leave a subway station (after having taken a ride), let someone in for free. It doesn't cost you anything, and it helps out someone else.

And what if everybody started doing it?

[7 July 1998]



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