frequently asked questions

Q. Can I ask you what you're doing here? Answer (generic).
Q. Who's in charge? Answer (ironic).
Q. How long has this been going on? Answer (factual).
Q. How are you funded? Answer (actuarial).
Q. Do you sell cameras? Answer (snarky).
Q. Are you agents for a foreign power? Answer (generic).
Q. Are you sure you're not just paranoid? Answer (cleverclever).
Q. Well then, who's out to "get" you? Answer (yipes!).
Q. Do you ever make mistakes and have to correct them? Answer (sincere).
Q. How do you respond to hate mail? Answer (generic).
Q. Are "nannycams" secure? Answer (factual) .
Q. What about cell-phones that can take pictures? Answer (prophetic).
Q. What about the children? Answer (contentious).
Q. What about women's safety? Answer (contentious).
Q. What about people who are sympathetic but don't see video surveillance in the grand scheme of things? Answer (cleverclever).
Q. How can I get involved? Answer (patient).
Q. What do you do when you're not doing this? Answer (candid).

Contact the New York Surveillance Camera Players

By e-mail and by snail mail: SCP c/o NOT BORED! POB 1115, Stuyvesant Station, New York City 10009-9998