Reviewing the reviewers

Thanks to The New York Times January 1999
Rick Karr's National Public Radio show Anthem April 1999; updated May 2000
Thanks to Details August 1999; updated June 2000
What if they gave a press conference and no one came? 27 September 1999
CNN Monkeys Around March 2000
Cutting The Living Edge April 2000
Spy TV's Pre-Chewed Sound Bites June 2000; updated October 2000
The Kids Are Alright June 2000
Guten Tag, Deutschland! June 2000; updated November 2001
Letter to the ACLU's Emily Whitfield June 2000
Dissecting Anatomy of Crime August 2000
The Professor Gets an "F" September 2000; updated May 2003
Oh! Canada October 2000
Viennese TV Gets It Right October 2000
The Theater of Our Operations November 2000
Is There Anybody Out There? March 2001
Bob Garfield's Boiled Soul July 2001
MSNBC and the Microwave Monster July 2001; updated September 2002
Megan Rowling Gets It Right August 2001
The History of Surveillance, as Told By Those Who Have Imposed It October 2001
Crazy, horrible things March 2002
CNN redux 18 April 2002
CBS misses the real news from Washington 21 April 2002
Haste Makes Waste at Fox 5 News 25 July 2002
Not the usual bullshit 26 August 2002
The New York Post weasels out of telling both sides of the story 13 April 2003
Wired Gets It Wrong11 November 2003
Fact-checking The Daily News 19 May 2005
Letter to the editor of The New York Press 8-14 June 2005
Dialogue with a Seattle police officer concerning red-light cameras 13 June 2005
Nuovo lets Jill Magid slip inside 8 October 2007
Biting the Hands that Applaud Us 9 October 2007
Never trust a sociologist 25 August 2011

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