Translations of texts by French anti-surveillance groups

We are being surveilled: Camouflage yourself!, flyer by the French collective "CLIFTI" (le Collectif pour les libertes individuelles face aux techniques de l'information), dated 14 December 2000.

No to electronic watchtowers: elements of reflection on video surveillance, pamphlet assembled by Souriez, Vous Etes Filmes, published June 2001 by Editions Reflex.

Resistance to video surveillance in France, 1991 to 2001 by the French group Souriez, Vous Etes Filmes, not dated.

No to "Total Security", flyer by the French group Souriez, Vous Etes Filmes, dated 10 October 2001.

Does Video Surveillance Have A LImit? open letter by the Anti-Video Surveillance Collective of France, dated 18 November 2004.

A festive and militant week 11-17 April 2005 on the 10th anniversary of Souriez, Vous Etes Filmes.

Big Brother Awards: France, 2005, 3 February 2006.

A "fake" letter targets Edvige in Lyon, October 2008.

Hoax concerning video surveillance questions the people of Dijon, October 2009.

Anti-surveillance action in Dijon, France, February 2010.

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