an over-view of types

1. Aeronautics & Space
a. Blimps
b. Global Positioning Satellites
c. Helicopters
d. Satellites
e. Spy planes
f. Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles

2. Automobiles
a. Beepers
b. Electronic Toll Collection Tags
c. Flow-Monitoring Cameras
d. GPS Transponders
e. Highway "Security" Cameras
f. Red-Light Enforcement

3. Conversations
a. Audio bugs
b. Electronic communications
c. Microphones (parabolic)
d. Prisoner communications
e. Telephones and "toll" records
e. Wiretapping

4. Miscellaneous (Low-Tech or No-Tech)
a. Drug-sniffing dogs
b. Garbage sifting
c. Listening through walls and floors
d. Looking through windows and fences
e. Photography

5. Optical Aids
a. Binoculars
b. Night-vision binoculars
c. Spotlights

6. Video Cameras
a. In the Grand Scheme of Things
b. Infrared (Thermal) Imaging
b. Police Departments
b. Technological Enhancements

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