Editions Champ Libre
Correspondence, Volume 1

Translator's Introduction

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1. Jean-Yves Guiomar

2. Gerard Guegan, Jean-Yves Guiomar, Alain Le Saux and Raphael Sorin: letter to Lebovici; Lebovici's response; letter from Lebovici; Guegan's response; and Guegan's proposal

3. Jacques Baynac

4. Pierrette Chalendar

5. Mustapha Khayati: to Champ Libre, from Champ Libre, response to Champ Libre, "Notice" from Mustapha Khayati, statement abusively attributed to Gerard Lebovici, statement written by Guy Debord

6. Louis Janover

7. Jaime Semprun: letter to Guy Debord, from Guy Debord, response to Debord, response from Lebovici, response to Lebovici

8. Librairie Petitot

9. Valentin Pelosse

10. Jean-Patrick Manchette

11. International Institute of Social History

12. Pierre Ryckmans

13. Union Générale d’éditions, collection 10/18

14. Georges Kiejman

15. Jean-Marie Burgaud

16. Ornella Volta

17. Francois Cavanna

18. Jesus Castellote: notice included in Castellote’s Spanish translation, letter from Champ Libre, response to Champ Libre, letter from Debord and Lebovici, response to Guy Debord

19. Anne Champagne Aubanel

20. Jean-Louis Moinet

21. Jean-Pierre Voyer

22. Pierre Naville

(Originally published by Editions Champ Libre, 1978. Reprinted Editions Ivrea, 1996. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! June 2012.)

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