Top-20 Most Popular Pages on this Website during 2009

1. Landing page for the Surveillance Camera Players
2. Landing page for NOT BORED!
3. Emmanuel Goldstein's "The Theory and Practice of Hierarchical Society" (we are just the host)
4. Abuses of surveillance cameras (blog of news stories)
5. Book review of Henri Lefebvre's "The Production of Space" (our essay)
6. Denunciation of red-light enforcement cameras (our statement)
7. Landing page for Guy Debord (archives)
8. Landing page for Asger Jorn (archives)
9. Constant Nieuwenhuis's "New Babylon" (we are just the host)
10. Denunciation of privacy violations by Earthcam (our essay)
11. Essay about Sinead O'Connor ripping up picture of the Pope (our essay)
12. Statement about expectation of privacy in public places (our summary)
13. Photos of the Surveillance Camera Players (our creation)
14. Guy Debord's "Comments on the Society of the Spectacle" (our translation)
15. History of surveillance cameras in England (our research)
16. Surveillance camera version of Wilhelm Reich's "The Mass Psychology of Fascism" (our creation)
17. Landing page for Situationist International (archives)
18. What's new on this site? (blog)
19. Surveillance cameras not effective (blog of news stories)
20. Interview with Henri Lefebvre (we are just the host)

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